Sunday, January 26, 2014

Back in Action

Good morning!  I know I have been missing in action.  Thought I'd let you know I hope to be back to blogging soon. My computer died shortly after Christmas and I have a new one now but it took time to load my files from Carbonite ( so glad for Carbonite backup) and reload some programs.  Then we had modem problems.  Our connections to get online and on our network failed.  After 2 changes in modems, we are finally back to normal connections.

My new PC is Windows OS 8 and I dreaded changing from my Vista OS but have found it was an easy transition.  Not at all as difficult as I had read and heard. In fact I am liking some of the new apps available and find it easy to maneuver.

In the meantime, we made a trip to Tennessee for my Mother's 94th birthday. Fortunately we had good weather for the trip down and made it home before the snow hit in Ohio.  While in Tennessee, the weather was in the 40's  and 50's but was very cold there on the morn we left.  As I typed this, it is 2 degrees outside and we must have 5-7 inches of the white snuff.

We are now preparing for our trip to Captiva Island for a few weeks.  Looking forward to some sun, sand, and surf.

I plan to try to get back to visiting in blogland very soon. See you there.


Patti P. said...

So good to see you back online. Sorry about all the problems with your computer, you will be great on the new version, no doubts!
Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom.
Have a great trip south, hope the temps come up some before you get there,saw them showing snow near the panhandle, Brrr.
Wish we could get together, maybe one day.

Olga said...

Glad you are almost back, don't ya hate computers at times. But like men, can't live with em or with out em LOL. At least you had if backed up!

Payne Holler Cards said...

oh sorry for your computer problems...a major life irritation!
glad to hear your Mom is doing well AND you are headed to the beach! always love your pictures from of these days big sigh (-: I adore the ocean...enjoy and looking forward to your return
hugs GF

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Welcome back, Theresa. Computers are great until they go down, huh? God Bless your mom's sweet little heart. Hope she had a nice birthday. Beach time sure sounds inviting! We just got our power back after an ice storm.