Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back from Tennessee

Hello all my friends!  I have been away to Tennessee visiting with my Mother in the west part of the state. I did not spend any time blogging and commenting while away. My last 2 posts were scheduled ahead of time.

My Mother, as many of you know,  is 92 years young and lives by herself.  She will have it no other way!  This summer has been difficult for her because of the heat and dry conditions ...temps mostly in the high 90's and into the 100's. Hardly any rain has fallen this summer.  She loves to be outside in her vegetable garden and flower beds and finds it a challenge to spend her days inside.  But she did grow tomato plants, beans, corn, peppers, okra, cucumbers, and more but without a lot to show for it because of the heat.  (And I have trouble growing just 2-3 tomato plants in pots.)  She has lived in the same home for 64 years and is determined to live there for many more years.  She will only leave to visit someone for a few days and then be anxious to return home. It is always a good thing to spend time with her.  I do hope this heat ends soon so she can better enjoy being outside.  I do feel that she feels a bit like like a prisoner being cooped up inside in the AC.

I plan to get back to visiting your blogs soon and catch up with what everyone has been doing. I am soooo far behind on challenges and missed doing them this past week. 

Hugs to all and see y'all soon. I always get my southern twang back after a few days down south.


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Patti P. said...

How wonderful your Mom sounds and I am so happy she is still able to be active and in her own home, and hopefully the temps will change soon.
Thanks for sharing.