Sunday, August 9, 2015

The New Improved and Redecorated 'Theresa's Studio'

Theresa's Studio August 2015
Today I am going to share my Studio from its beginning to present day for you.  My Studio was located in our unfinished basement and was established when we remodeled our kitchen in 2004.  It began with my idea of salvaging some of the cabinets and the counter from the old kitchen and relocating them into unused space in the basement. It had long been a dream of mine to have a dedicated space for sewing and crafting even long before I began card making so it really began as a space for sewing and crafting. 
Now you have to understand that I never liked the Black and Yellow motif in our kitchen even when we purchased the home in 1978 but I waited until we could have our dream kitchen before I tackled a remodel.  And I am a believer of using old items for another  use and not throwing away usable ones.

So in 2004 the cabinets and counter were repurposed in the basement for my studio by the carpenters following my floor plans drawn to scale.  The photo below shows the result:

As you can see, my sewing machine took center stage on the counter.  I covered the unfinished floor with carpet samples and only had one overhead light. Everything in the studio were items that I already owned - chairs from the old kitchen, baskets from my collection (mostly garage sale finds), an old hat rack, framed pictures,  etc.  The left counter was set up with a plywood top to use for framing and other crafts.  I do admit that I like the kitchen counter and cabinets better here than I ever did in the kitchen.

By 2009, the area  evolved. I now have stamps, ribbons, dies and card making elements featured in the area and the sewing machine has moved to a less used area. The metal shelves on the right used for storage of seasonal items and other miscellaneous items were hidden by panels that I covered with sliding panels of fabric (salvaged from old blinds from a previous home) on the right of the studio area.  Ribbons were stored on poles that I hung from the ceiling,  The area was now adapted for card making supplies.  The floor was covered with carpet tiles that I laid and fluorescent lights were installed by my DH for improved lighting.

2009 Closeup
By 2012 my studio shown below was packed with frames collected at garage sales, more ribbons, shelves and storage of cardstock, supplies for card making, storage for Copics and Memento markers and inks, bins for flowers and other embellishments,  dies stored on a fabric covered board with magnetic strips, and the counter top adapted for use to make cards rather than for sewing. The storage units were basically all purchased at garage sales or items repurposed that I already owned. 
Today my studio has been given a fresh look,  rearranged to hold more tools and elements for card making, decorated with different items that I owned, and new/old covering for the wall of storage shelves.   The only items that I purchased to add a new look were 4 1/2 yards of fabric from Joann's (50% off with 20% coupon) and a Susan Winget Paper Pad.  Other décor and fabric were recycled or repurposed from  other uses.

 Recycled closet doors instead of fabric panels are now used to separate my area from the rest of the basement that also houses my DH's office.  Doors are now used to display cards that I have  received.  Neatly arranged storage bins hold fabrics, boxes and craft items.
 The counter on the wall side holds decorative boxes for cards, plastic containers for buttons and embellishments, framing supplies, and other tools.  My seldom used Grand Calibur is handy when I need it.  This space is also used for photographing projects. I have added fabric underneath to hide open storage.
 This view shows the back wall with ribbons on the left beneath framed Susan Winget prints in recycled frames. Under the ribbons are bins with gift wrapping supplies. The center wall (at end of counter) holds storage for solid 8x11 Card Stock, Copics , Markers, Ink pads as well as labeled bins for loose ribbon, flowers, etc. On right side of the wall, I expanded the cloth covered bulletin board ( from an office in the past)  to house Nestabilities on magnetic strips.
The counter holds my Big Shot (dedicated for dry embossing) with embossing folders and my Big Kick on the other side for die cutting. Also close at hand on the counter are the paper trimmer, Scor-pal, Misti, and a turn table with tools used the most.
The wall behind the counter holds metal shelves for seasonal decorations and boxes of other stored items.  I devised a system of hanging fabric panels that slide to access the shelves.  I replaced some of the panels 2 years ago with Roman Shades (which can be raised up and down  or slide)  that had been in the living room. This month,  I added new fabric print panels to replace the old blue floral print panels that I had used.   I love the soft coloring of this new print.
This view shows the side that I use the most for card making.
The side table holds 12x12 papers.
 I also use a section of the metal shelving for storing notebooks filled with clear stamps, punches, pattern paper pads, and more.  I raise one of the Roman shades for easy access shown above and below.

  Close up of shelves behind my work area.

There is great storage underneath the counters which I have not shown. Recently, I hung fabric found in my stash to hide the back side of the center counter but drawers and doors (not shown) are accessible from the other side.
Adjacent to my work area, I have a space for my Computer, Printer, Cameo, and Sewing Machine all on a Butcher Block table (used in a former kitchen over 37 years ago).  I recently rearranged this area adding my sewing machine which I updated with a new fabric covering to match the wall panels.  My computer used to be on the second floor but it is so convenient to now  have it in my studio.
  I do hope someone takes the time to read about my studio.  I have enjoyed sharing it with you.  It has been fun to take old things and make use of them in new ways and also be functional at the same time.   My studio may not compare to ones that I see in magazines, Pinterest,  and online with every detail planned  but  I find it a great place in which to create.
Thanks for stopping by.  I would love to hear your comments.
For reference: Some Photos of the old Kitchen and the remodeled Kitchen:
The story of this kitchen is another one to be told at some other time.


joy said...

Hi, Theresa! I LOVE the before and after pictures showing how your studio has evolved! What a wonderful place you have to create your beautiful cards. My studio is not as big, but it is my "happy" place. :-) And, I too, have used a lot of repurposed things for storage and display. June's husband, Chuck, built shelves for me years ago. They fill three walls and hold a lot of my wood block stamps. (still my first love.) Even though I'm not blogging at the moment, I do take time to visit blogs and am making cards as I feel like it. This summer has been a busy one for me. Hope you are having a good one, too!!

Payne Holler Cards said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading about your progression....and it is beautiful! You've given me some great ideas (-: love your use of fabric! Many hugs (-:

Vicki Dutcher said...

That was a great evolution of your stamp space! How fun to share with the rest of us. I LOVE your black chairs with the foot rest - a lot!! Where did you get those? I love the fact you have enough room for at least 2 stampers -- fun with friends, right? :)

Granmargaret said...

Great studio. Thank you for sharing.

Olga said...

your room and ideas are fantastic!!!!!

Patti P. said...

Theresa, what a great space. I love all of the space you have to work. I too have recycled and re purposed....a shame to waste what we already have. Thanks for sharing your craft haven with us. I love your new kitchen. Looking around, you have been creating some beautiful cards. Hope to be back by again soon. Have a great weekend.