Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Time in the Garden

Lately I have been spending more time outside in the yard working in my gardens than in my studio.  Today I am sharing some garden pictures that were made the first week of  May.

This area slopes down the side of the house and is filled with astilbes, a bleeding heart, wild violets, cowslips and nettle.

This is another shot of the same area showing more violets and ground covers.

Another area with a Hawthorne tree surrounded by primroses, ferns, lily of the valley, vinca vine, and more violets.

Another view of the above area showing the Hawthorne on the left and a maple on the right..  Also planted here are daisies and mums to the left of the planter with geraniums.  Iris not seen are to the right of the maple tree.

This fence area is showing clematis climbing on trellises against the fence. This garden is filled with daffodils earlier in the spring and is now filled with hosta, lilies, primroses, forget-me-nots, creeping jenny, and mums for later blooms.

I could not resist taking this photo of a chipmunk sunning on a rock in the garden.
This garden in the back of the house is by the back decks.  We left part of a pine tree that was cut down to showcase a hanging basket - this year it is a trailing begonia. 
Closeup of trailing begonia. This grows 3-4 feet over the summer reaching the ground.

This a shot of the back garden made May 19 looking down from the deck.  Two white tulips are still in bloom long after the other bulbs have faded. These tulips were planted over 30 years ago. The iris are just beginning to bloom.
More garden photos to come. Enjoy your day.
I enjoy all your comments. Thank you. Theresa


Olga said...

your yard, flowers and garden are beautiful!!!!

Benzi said...

Theresa, your garden is beautiful and blooming so pretty. Everything is so green. I love this time of year. Unfortunately, it has been so cool and rainy in AL this Spring. I haven't gotten any annuals planted except in containers because I don't dare dig in wet soil and ruin it. But, I do have lots of ferns and other perennials looking great by now.
Thanks for sharing your photos. I do love seeing people's gardens.

Patti P. said...

Theresa, thanks for sharing your beautiful gardens....love seeing your flowers. What a lovely place to spend the day. hugs....

Sue W said...

How beautiful! what a wonderful place to relax Therese!