Friday, January 13, 2012

Tired of Blogger Problems..Have They Got You Down???

Having Blogger Problems with making and reading comments? I too have had these problems. Seems Blogger  rolled out a number of improvements to Blogger recently on Jan 11th.  Blogger now supports threaded commenting but it seems to have caused problems for those of us whose setting for comments is "embed below post".  I changed my setting to have Comments show as "Full Page" and now I can again read the comments and do hope my readers can again comment.  I am posting this so that it might work for someone else having this problem.  Maybe Blogger will correct this soon. Fingers crossed.
If you have other information regarding this, please let meknow, that is if you can post to me now.

Have a good day despite OLD MAN BLOGGER. Thank you. Theresa

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Betty Benton said...

Linda Payne just gave me the idea to use Firefox instead of IE. This is only my second comment since pulling up blogger with but it seems to be helping. If I encounter more problems, will try your idea -- thanks!