Monday, April 12, 2010

What is a Pod???

In one of my recent posts, I mentioned buying some pods at The Stamp Pad. Some of you have asked what is a POD? This picture shows the pods loose on the right side and in a pack ...3 large pods and 4 small pods are sold in a pack for $1. I believe they are made from compressed polyester fibers and are more firm than sponges and daubers. I am also showing sponges in the picture so that you can see a comparison of sizes. Using these in a circular motion with ink applied, they are great to color the raised portions of an dry embossed design.  Can be used with a variety of ink types...just now experimenting with them.
Here is a picture of some cardstock cut with a nesties die. On the left side I inked with a sponge before removing the die as we often do to have that clean edge. On the right I used a pod that was inked and used a circular motion to apply color. Since the pod is very flat and firm you can not use with the die on your cutout but the embossed edge does show up distinctly....I like this look. You can start out lightly applying ink with the pod and then add more...important to blot pod after using on the ink pad (just as do when using a sponge) and apply with a consistent circular motion.
I have not seen this tool before...only at the The Stamp Pad.
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