Monday, April 12, 2010

Double-Embossing and Coloring with Pods

Thought I would share this technique with you of Double-Embossing and using a Pod to color the raised areas.
 1. Emboss your cardstock with an EF with whatever machine that you use. I used CB EF Swiss Dots for my 1st embossing. 
2. Use Pod and color raised areas. See top picture. I used blue ink. Dab off excess and  apply with a circular motion.

3. Emboss the CS again using a different EF using 1 or 2 shims to get higher relief than the first embossing.   I used CB EF Leafy Branch for my second run through.

4. Use Pod and color raised areas a different color for the best effect.I used green ink for the 2nd embossed surface. Remember to work in a circular motion to apply.

The finished CS shown in bottom picture ready to use on a project.


Patti said...

OMGosh this is way cool!

redwasher1 said...

Theresa, that was a very interesting tutorial and very helpful. Thanks for sharing with us! I will give it a go. I have never heard of pods before.

Sue W said...

Hi Theresa! Gread tutorial - is a pod like a sponge dauber????