Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Making a Digital Card-Simplified- and a DH Challenge

Since I cannot papercraft  cards, I have not been able to enter many challenges online with the exception of  TMITA who does not object to digitally created cards being entered in their wonderful challenges.  Thanks to the gals over at There's Magic in the Air for being so supportive of my "digital"cards.

It is no fun to make cards for challenges and not being able to share them. One stamping site requested that I remove all my digitally created cards from my album on their site which I promptly did ......I did not know that I was breaking the rules..... they only allow  papercraft cards.  (I really did not expect digital cards to be eligible for a challenge prize but thought they could be in my albums.)  Maybe I should create a website for challenges for only digitally made projects?  LOL!

My cast will be removed March 18 and none too soon because I miss making cards and participating in challenges. My DH, feeling sorry that I am lacking challenges, challenged me to make a card with some of his great photographs that he has made during our stay here in FL. So I accepted his challenge and created this
Get Well Card :

Inside of card

Used photographs made at Bailey Tract on Sanibel Island. Using Photoshop, I created a "mat" with background of leaves that I gave a textured look. Used a frame to surround the picture for another mat look. Added text.  Using the same "mat" on inside, I used a rectangle shape in white to create a "mat" for second  picture and sentiment.

So many have asked how to make digital cards on Photoshop that I am going to try to list some of the steps I used in making the card front above. There are numerous ways to do different set to experiment. My technique is SELF-TAUGHT. This is just one of many ways to create a card.

1. In upper toolbar, under FILE (far left on top toolbar). select NEW, open blank file - select size (ie 5.5" wide and 4.25"height);  select background (white, color,or transparent). Click OK to open in work area. Will  also show in photo bin.

2. Next, choose a background (or just fill with a color). In ARTWORK and EFFECTS find option Artwork then find Backgrounds (options on left side) and then find Nature (options on right side). Scroll to find Leaves and click apply. Background of leaves will appear on Blank File. 

3. To give the background a textured look, find Special Effects ( another option in Artwork and Effects). On this card I chose Photo Effects (options on left side) and Image Effects (options on right side) and selected Lizard Skin (scroll down to see choices). Select apply and your background of leaves becomes textured.

4.Flatten your image. Select Layer in top tool bar and click on "Flatten Image".  You can choose to do later ...just merges layers together before adding in an image or picture.

5.Now you can open a picture or an image to add to your card. Click on FILE (far left on top toolbar). Click on OPEN...go to choice of picture to open. Picture will appear in workspace and in photo bin. Once picture or digital image is edited to your liking you can now add a frame as I did. Or choose another way to present.

6. Add frame ...Under Artwork and Effects...go to Frames in left options and select Professional in right options. I selected 4x5Tranparency as my frame. Click apply to add choice of frame. Then adust size of picture and frame.

7. To add picture to "Mat Background", bring "Mat" back into workspace and then drag picture on to the mat. Using the MOVE tool from tools (usually at left of screen or may be at bottom), adjust placement and size of image.

8. Use TEXT tool to add sentiment. Flatten Image again.

Remember to save your project as you work. Also you can always backup and make changes using Undo History. Once you flatten an image, you can not change what is on screen but you can delete Flatten Image to return to previous state.  This is a simplified  list of steps and certainly not a complete lesson but just hope  it gives you an idea how to begin.

Thanks for dropping by. See ya later, alligator!


Sue W said...

Hi Theresa,
I was sad to hear you were asked to remove digital cards from a gallery and hope it wasn't one of the websites I belong to! I think it's a bit mean spirited.
I hope to try your instructions later today - thanks so much for taking the time to put them down. It's been such fun seeing your digital cards and I'm looking forward to your paper cards as soon as that wretched cast comes off!!
Take care.

craftieodamae said...

Bless your heart, like Sue hope I'm not a member there too, they should understand ablut your arm. Glad you will soon be back 100%

Betty benton said...

Ditto what Sue and Olga said! I've been thrilled to see you staying "crafty" even though having to do it ditigally. Do you know if there are any "freebie" programs out there that allow you to do this?

Payne Holler Cards said...

Triple ditto! they are nuts!!! what you do is such a know I'm trying to teach myself PS and anyone trying to use it ..and then seeing your creations...knows that you have spent a ton of time in learning this! this is a real gift you have to make these (just to understand PS along is a gift LOL)...i think your idea for a PS challenge site would be flooded with followers! I know there are lots out there who dont feel comfortable with ink and stamps but do love to create on their PC's...GO FOR IT! I will follow faithfully with my pathetic attemps but would sure learn from a blog dedicated to PS!!!

Payne Holler Cards said...

and I meant to type "understand PS alone"...whew! was so riled up about a site bumping you! truly mean...
I didnt say anything about your card!!!! it's too perfect! love that gator pic! and your sentiment cracked me up...perfect!
looking forward to your cast coming off!!! I bet you're itching to death by now :(