Sunday, February 7, 2010

Birds on the Mudflats in Ding Darling Wildlife Reserve

Here are some pictures as promised.
The most colorful birds in DDWR are the Roseate Spoonbills but they have such ugly faces with their beaks shaped like spoons. These pictures show them resting with their heads tucked under their wings. They are most beautiful in flight when you can see the beautiful colors in their wing feathers.  Hope we will shoot a better picture to show them in full color.
Click on pictures to see larger view.
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craftieodamae said...

Oh Teresa, all these pictures are fantastic! Looks so warm and sunny.........

Payne Holler Cards said...

love your pictures - such a pleasant change from snow!!! I'm a bird lover (dont know anything about them much) but love to look at them! beautiful pictures...looking forward to more {{{{hugs}}}}

redwasher1 said...

WOW! All your photo are gorgeous and thanks for sharing them!!