Thursday, November 5, 2009

No Time for Making Cards-Maybe Tomorrow

Have been busy with so many projects that I have not made any cards. On Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, we were busy raking and cleaning up leaves that all seemed to drop at the same time. But we can finally see the grass again.  My DH did most of the work but I tried to be supportive by being outside with him. Think we got most of that work done in time because we had a mix of snow and rain all day yesterday and it's getting colder by the day.
I have also been working on gift calendars that I design and print...make about 25....some that I personalize with birthdays,etc. And also am planning a birthday party for my Mother who turns 90 in January and working on invitations for that event.
Today we are having a large old pine tree cut down which will involve being outside most of the afternoon.
Sneak preview of my calendars:

 pages 2-3


Patti said...

Those calenders are so cool! Great idea!

Payne Holler Cards said...

gorgeous gifts!!! understand completely - so nice to have a life outside of stampin LOL
we will be here when you return!
90! hope I get there!!!
have a great day,

Sue - 'TILLYMINT' said...

Theresa your Calender looks amazing what a great idea!!! I'd love to know how you go about this. Such a fantastic personal gift to give.

redwasher1 said...

Absolutely gorgeous photo's! Fantastic idea!!