Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another Challenge from My DH

My husband had a dream....a dream about a card! Why is he dreaming about cards?  It is enough that I dream about cards but not in my sleep. Well, anyway, his dream was about a pocket card made with a lottery ticket . So I thought - this is a way to get a lottery ticket for free! I told him if he bought me a ticket, I would make him a card and make his dream come true. Now, is that not being the good little wife? So here is his dream card:
I made a pocket of gold vellum on red and white stripe CS on a red base so you can see the lottery ticket that I slipped into the pocket...punched some holes so snowflakes on the ticket show through. I attached some ribbon on vellum to make it appear like a present and wrapped a ribbon around the ticket with a bow to act as a pull for the prize ticket. Finished with a ornament tag I made with a Cuttlebug die.
The size of the finished card is 5.5" by 8" so I can use this for the Creative Clear Stamp challenge to make any size card but an A2 (4.25x5.5). This can be square, long rectangle, circle, or any other size card.
Now the question is:

Do I have to share with my DH any money that I win when I scratch the card?
What do you think?  Theresa


craftieodamae said...

This is grrrrreat!!! You could give him 1/16th of you winnings, LOL.

Patti said...

I think you should keep him dreamin! LOL! Way cool card! And you should get all the proceeds.... you did the work, he slept! I wanna see a card created by him real soon!

redwasher1 said...

This is super stunning! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Payne Holler Cards said...

weeellllll a DH dreaming about cards! hmmmm, I say let him have some of that winning! good luck in the challenge!